Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Joel Plaskett Emergency

Joel Plaskett

Every time I hear the opening strums of this little number - it feels like summer. Because, since I first heard this Joel Plaskett classic on a hot summer day almost eight (!) years ago - it's been a steadfast windows-down, late night strolling, campfire building, spirit-raising theme song in my life.

As a huge Joel Plaskett Emergency fan for years, any of his earnest songs easily have the potential to send a nostalgic chill down my spine, but "Face of the Earth," with it's uplifting, sentimental rock chords and memorable coming-of-age lyrics, has really stuck with me through the years the way a real classic does. With Joel, you can't help but hang off his every word when he sings with such conviction.

"True love is always complicated/ Free and easy is overrated/ My classic beauty, the West coast mystery/ Moved out East/ The rest is history/ I got under your rolling thunder/ You’re the lightning/ The right thing/ You got my number."  What an anthem. 


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