Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best New Track: Washed Out's "It All Feels Right"

Sounding familiar in title to 2011's "Feel It All Around," I'm not overly suprised that Washed Out's equally sensory new single "It All Feels Right" is just as calming and dreamlike, both lyrically and melodically. Still sounding and feeling like the soundtrack to a ripping tide or surfer's sunset (I think his aim with every lethargic new track), Ernest Greene's newest is almost methodical in its tried and true ingredients: flowery synths and strings that swirl around a clunky beat and that handsome, sleepy croon. Swoon.

Listening to Washed Out, old and new, Greene effortlessly sets the tone and imagery for the lifestyle his collection belongs to - that dazed, youthful one full of mindlessness and good vibes. Although the new stuff folds in subtle fresh sounds - including multi-layered harmonies and some richer instrumental arrangements - the chillwave master's intention is still the same: make it all feel alright.

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