Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Pride and Canada Day: Quadron's "Hey Love"

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For Pride Weekend and Canada Day, two celebrations that center around honour and love, this feel-good sound makes me all kinds of happy.

Not only is Quadron's Avalanche one of my most heavily rotated discs of the year, but their infectious soul-pop anthem "Hey Love" is sublimely suited to the bright and festive long weekend in the city. Coco O's milky pipes and the colourful neo-soul beat from producer Robin Hannibal (also one half of Rhye) make this one of the most darling dance songs of 2013; and this weekend, I can't wait to to groove happily and starry-eyed with "Promise the best is yet to come" blaring from the speakers.

Happy Friday! I hope you feel the love today.


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