Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Yeezus Day.

Following teasers galore, video projections on building walls around the world and the usual uneasy controversy surrounding Kanye West's seemingly irreverant song titles and lyric snippets - Yeezus has finally arrived. The rap icon's sixth solo album - featuring singles "I Am a God" and "Black Skinhead" - officially begins flying off shelves today as one of the most (if not the most) anticipated albums of 2013 thus far. Paving the way with cocky claims and public appearances during his earlier years on the scene, West has confidently tacked on brilliant reasons to be as outlandish and unapologetic in his pursuit of world domination in the past decade; namely, one of the most prolific rap albums of our time (2010's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), and now, the even darker collection of fearless barks and raw confessions found on Yeezus.

Even amidst Yeezus' pushy, God-like assertions, West has grown a little more sinister, sexually frustrated and generally more combative in this genius 10-song rap attack. Such growing animosity towards his competition, the industry and "the man" - spit alongside electro zaps, industrial clamour and anthemic build-ups - is proof that regardless of how confident Ye is in his hip-hop supremacy, he's never really done, satisfied or through with the others. Even though we can't imagine him getting much better or more ruthless in his takeover, something about the tone on Yeezus tells us that West thinks his New God Flow has actually only just begun. I can safely say, at this time, that Yeezus will be one of 2013's best and most interesting releases.

Watch this "Black Skinhead" performance, which is hands down one of the most mind-blowing performances I've seen in awhile.

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