Monday, June 24, 2013

Hot, Hot Monday: Date Palms' "Yuba Reprise"

Date Palms

If you've found refuge in an air conditioned establishment or cleverly stayed inside today, you might not be fully aware of exactly how hot it is outside. At 32 degrees without the humidity, the air in the city is thick and still - leaving every two steps in front of you a wall of shaky heat.

This morning, I decided that the best way to explain the city heatwave is to post a song that actually sounds like the perfect desert-trekking soundtrack. Pushed along by a whining violin and sedate bass line, "Yuba Reprise" is a sleepy keyboard instrumental that slows down time the same way this sticky, stale weather does.

The Date Palms crew are known for the drone of their Western-tinged psychedelic rock, so if you're looking for more lazy summer anthems - pick up the Californians' second album, The Dusted Sessions.


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