Monday, June 10, 2013

Lykke Li and David Lynch: "I'm Waiting Here"

A few years off of Lykke Li's Wounded Rhymes release and David Lynch's gorgeous Crazy Clown Time (which included a number of breathtaking collabs, also), the indie songstress and American TV director and producer - and surprisingly astute music man - have teamed up on a pretty new track, "I'm Waiting Here."

The bonus track off Lynch's freshly announced upcoming album, The Big Dream, "I'm Waiting Here" is a perfectly poetic and trippy dream of a number - the kind of sound both Li and Lynch nailed down in their respective past solo works. In the modern doo-wop waltz, Li's childlike vocals breathily cascade over the slow heartbeat thump, making the romance of the swaying ballad palpable from her first coo. Featuring a spoken word middle eight (true to the song's promenading make-up), "I'm Waiting Here" is already contemporary jukebox one week into its existence, as far as I'm concerned. Watch the fitting new video below, or stop what you're doing and pay this little beauty a slow dance.

The Big Dream drops July 15.

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