Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New and Catchy Charli XCX: "Interior"

Charli XCX 'Interior' True Romance Stream

On the heels of Cyndi Lauper's 30-year "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" anniversary, this generation's sparkplug indie-pop princess Charli XCX just released 2013's earworm hit - and it's equally soaked in amazing 80s percussion pops and lasering synths.

Instead of eye-rolling at Charli's cheesily hiccuping "You fell in love with the interior design of my heart," it's hard not to excuse the hilarious decorator references, because, quite simply - this is just too shamelessly addictive to hate. Her accent-caked vocals, although characteristically sweet at only 20 years of age, pierce through the pop glitter and funky keyboard effects in awesome pop growls - adding a little edge to party princess' ditty.

Maybe the bubbly single from True Romance feels almost too goofy at moments - but, it's lovable, it's still better than mainstream radio pop and it's one that I would gladly bounce around a shiny dance floor to.


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