Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Throwback...Wednesday?: Washed Out

I realize it's not the Instagram and Twitter-approved day of throwbacks, but these 2011 favourites needed to be revisited. During a sunny commute this morning, the golden stand-out from Washed Out's extroardinary 2011 album Within and Without reappeared after a year or so of retirement, and let me tell you - it felt good. "Amor Fati" has been a warm weather staple since it's inception; the chillwave anthem is a completely addictive slice of sunshine in itself. The gorgeous earworm is full of rippling synth and cutie Ernest Greene's dreamy bedroom chant, and almost feels like the band moniker, in that it actually washes over you from the first mellow beat. "Amor Fati" led me to happily revisit the rest of the echoey album (and tracks below), leaving me with the feeling I'll be stuck on these sounds like it's summer of 2011 all over again.

I jumped aboard the Washed Out train right at the debut. From first listen, it wasn't hard to hear that neither Greene's dazed or rhythmic tunes fell into the stoner chillwave category you'd expect from a young producer, but boasted a depth and melodic brilliance I hadn't heard yet; the kind that's recently resurfaced in the similar sounds of Rhye and Toro Y Moi's latest. Every second of Within and Without was, and still is, really affecting.

I'm just about ready for a follow-up album. What do you think?



And this Chris Isaak cover? Swoon.


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