Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Tunes: Beck is Back


On the heels of his incredible "Sound and Vision" Bowie cover, and five years after Modern GuiltBeck has released two new singles to build anticipation around his highly anticipated forthcoming album. The alt-rock icon has been fairly hush about the details of the release, and whether or not these delectable leaks will make it on - but either way, they're two very satisfying treats to wait with.

On "I Won't Be Long," a spacey ballad that resembles the ambient production and drone vocal moments from Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew (and features a line from Kim Gordon), Beck juggles edgy and pretty with his downer social commentary and always-gorgeous pipes. "Defriended" has just as many atmospheric beats and sampling tricks, but as always, Beck doesn't go the full ten yards into electro-city; he still gives the spotlight to his coined acoustic strums and echoey voices.

Whatever it is and whenever it comes, hopefully the album sounds a lot like these.


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  1. I do love me some Beck. The first tune a little more than the second, but it`s all listenable. Looking forward to it.