Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Songs: Youth Lagoon's "Daydream"

This weekend was a calm one after being plagued with a sore throat last week. It basically consisted of lots of slow walking, relaxed socializing, music buying and sun-sitting to try and beat the summer cold out of me before it ruined anymore warm days. In the wake of this lingering sickness and surrendering my laptop to a technician for two weeks (sigh), I read plenty of books and spent a lot of time staring out from my balcony with a glass of wine. I find it hard to wind down most of the time - and be fairly inactive during a period of healing - but when I've got none of my regular distractions around and have loaded up my phone with tonnes of new music, sitting quietly actually isn't that bad at all.

This weekend, I couldn't get enough of Youth Lagoon's 2011 album Year of Hibernation - one that I was all about upon its release, but forgot about until recently. This weekend, it really was the perfect album to remember. While the sun continued to shine like it has, but with a new cool breeze that swept the city yesterday - Youth Lagoon's spacious and mesmerizing electronic ballads sounded better than they ever had before. "Daydream" and it's dreamy, sunstreaked vibe won the weekend.



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