Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday: TURF Throwback Playlist

I've been terribly MIA this week in more ways than one. On my glorious five day mini-vacation, I've barely answered my phone, hardly checked emails, set zero alarms and, most shamefully, ignored blogging and writing. Interestingly enough, the other daily to-dos were easy to ignore - but in the five days spent not sharing sounds, I was dying to pop on here and post a few songs. That doesn't really surprise me, though.

In light of TURF (Toronto Urban Roots Festival) coming to the Big Smoke for the next four nights, I thought that a few throwback tunes from the wonderful artists cruising through town would be a delightful way to kick off the event. Once I get back to the city, I'll be there for the majority of the weekend - listening, sipping, grooving, reviewing and enjoying these amazing acts. Here are some oldies, but goodies from some of the stellar artists:



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