Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Kings of Leon: "Wait for Me"

I really, really missed Kings of Leon.

I've loved this band for as long as I can remember. When Come Around Sundown was released three years ago, I felt torn (and a little heartbroken) about the grungy Southern rockers I grew up with. The release felt commercially-packaged, rushed and only featured a few songs I would add to my enormous Kings of Leon rotation that featured the previous four albums' classics. Still riding the wave of their extraordinary early releases and mainstream recognition mid-to-late 2000s, it became pretty clear the band was firing out albums far too quickly and needed a breather, from everything.

Three years later, the Followill clan are husbands, fathers and sober. They took the three years to do all of those things - and in doing all of those things, they admittedly gained a little perspective. On "Wait for Me," the band's second leaked single which sways somewhere in between the pretty, mid-tempo rock balladry of "Use Somebody" and "The Face"- it might be one of the slower, more unashamedly romantic songs the band's penned. And to be quite honest, I love it.

Most of the good bits are still totally in tact. Caleb's voice still growls; maybe it doesn't bark over punky outlaw chords like it did on Youth and Young Manhood, but it still growls beautifully. The echoey electric guitar still ricochets throughout the song, true to Kings style, with no huge explosion; but it hangs perfectly at bay while he pleads a loving case over the tender melody.

On Mechanical Bull, I highly doubt the new and improved Followills will revert back to the rebellious and drunken thrashing from their days of newly-escaped-Pentecostal. But, I can see them evolving. Even if the evolution mixes the old with the new, good music and good bands do just that - therefore, I think I'll loyally give them the benefit of the doubt and welcome them back with open ears.

PS. A good chunk of KOL albums have been released in the fall, therefore, I love that I always associate their music/tours with fall weather. Do you?

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  1. I do really like his voice, but for some reason I don't enjoy this song very much. I've tried, just nothing there. I do like how the opening notes makes me think it's Twilight Zone by Golden Earring.