Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Volcano Choir: "Comrades"

Volcano Choir

Justin Vernon sure is a busy boy.

The Bon Iver mastermind and Kathleen Edwards companion has spent the last five years keenly lending his extraordinary indie-rock and production talents to launching a solo career, hip-hop pals, a girlfriend, touring and side-project Volcano Choir - who, with the forthcoming September 3 launch of their newest album Repave, will likely get his undivided attention before his next project tacks on.

And, rightfully so; the band's second single "Comrade" is a fit-for-stadium display of powerful balladry, including many of the same post-rock ingredients heard on his 2011 self-titled. Don't let the soft beginning fool you; "Comrade" quickly swells from twinkling piano and sliding strings into a crash of guitars and drum rolls - ending off with a bellowing "Woods"-reminiscent Vernon autotune.

If the rest of the album is as spine-tingling as this is, it's clear Vernon's gone and done it again. What do you think?

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