Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ON AN ON Covers Hot Chip

Although Chicago and Minneapolis-bred ON AN ON (the remaining members of Scattered Trees) are never ones to shy away from a good electro beat or synth backing - when I heard the indie rock outfit were covering Hot Chip's lasery "Boy from School," I wasn't sure if they would wholeheartedly maintain many of original's dance ingredients. Turns out, they kept almost every single one - and it sounds good.

On the majority of the band's sonic debut Give In, Ringleader Nate Eisland's skilled vocal is meticulously buried beneath buzzy guitars and synth swirls, whereas on this near-carbon copy Hot Chip cover, his handsome pipes are given just as much spotlight as the infectiously happy melody. While the keyboard zaps around his pure pitch, Alissa Ricci dips in and out of harmonies - offering her sweet coo on the song's gorgeous middle eight to help send it home. What do you think?


PS. I listened to the Hot Chip original nearly non-stop as a teenager, and this Grizzly Bear cover too.

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