Monday, August 19, 2013

Patrick Watson's "Blackwind"

Now that the temperature has picked up and the breeze has slowed down, airy songs like this sound even better. Patrick Watson is one of the most fascinating musicians to me; his gorgeous blend of oddball instrumentation and flecks of cabaret, with that uniquely falsetto voice, would be more than enough to keep me listening after years of infatuation. But his strange and wonderful stories are the real poetry in his craft (as you'll hear below).

Montreal-bred Watson is such an artist in that he's hardly ever adhered to any of the popular music trends - instead venturing off the beaten path towards sounds that are usually more radical and unexpected, but breathtaking. He's a rare, shimmery find in a sea of same-sounding.

"Blackwind," for instance, isn't for everyone - but I think goes perfectly with a walk in the park.


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