Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Long Weekend Playlist

Chances are this Labour Day weekend is your last kick of the can before September rolls around and the beloved summer long weekend season comes to a close. If you're like me, you're not missing this opportunity to hit the open road for a few golden days and warm nights away from the city. Here's a mix of feel-good psych-rock and roots that has more than enough soul to get you on the road:

1. "The Sun" - Portugal. The Man: This Alaskan group's Danger Mouse-produced sixth release has only further reminded me of my love for their yesteryear psychedelic sound and everything about my biggest celeb crush - Mr. John Gourley.

2. "Runner Ups" - Kurt Vile: This week, I've been on the biggest Kurt Vile kick. The former War on Drugs band member and critically-acclaimed indie rocker is a staple on my road trip playlists - something about his effortless drone and low-fi chords just passes the hours. This song is magic.

3. "I'm Getting Ready" - Michael Kiwanuka: This song about journeying, off Kiwanuka's well-received 2012 debut, is one of the most uplifting and soulful folk gems out there.

4. "Wild Country" -Wake Owl: A friend jogged my memory about this song only yesterday, causing me to dive back into Wake Owl's charming pop-rock EP. "Wild Country," understandably the band's most popular song, is a gorgeous earthy tune for your ride alongside the cornfields.

5. "Souverian" - Andrew Bird: Save this one for when the sun goes down.

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