Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Arcade Fire: "Reflektor"

On the heels of genius indie-rock collective Arcade Fire's secret show at Montreal's Club Salsathèque last night (the result of their "9/9/9" promotion) - let's (obviously) talk "Reflektor." The brilliant first dance-rock single from the band's forthcoming album of the same name is easily one of their coolest songs yet; not only because of the underground disco beat that screams producer James Murphy's influence (he's the LCD Soundsystem ringleader), or because David Bowie's bellowing vocal interjects alongside Win and Regine mid-song, but also because the captivating hype built by the modest band ended up being the farthest thing from a let down.

After a small album promo was released a week ago, devotees have been waiting with bated breath for more of the Montreal group's latest endeavour - a wait that's been only minorly appeased by lyric snippets, Bowie's guest vocal Facebook confirmation and talk of a limited two track vinyl. While anything is better than nothing, I think we can all agree that October 29th just needs to get here faster.

Here's the rad video for "Reflektor" (watch it quick before it gets taken down!), which was directed by renowned rock video director Anton Corbijn. Also, you can head on over to  www.justareflektor.com where you'll find a supposedly "interactive" video by filmmaker Vincent Morisset, which lets you control the video effects. This hasn't worked for me yet, but you might have better luck...

Long live Arcade Fire.


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