Friday, September 27, 2013

TGIF: Lucy Schwartz's "My Friend"

When I was a kid listening to music, I loved the feel-good elements of old school pop songs. With bands like The Beach Boys and The Supremes, I ate up every energized clap-beat, delectably sugary harmony, whistling choir or foot tap I heard - promising myself that if I ever made it in the big leagues, I'd write a song that layered all of these onto each other. It could have been my kindergarten teachings at a time when xylophones and finger snapping were highly encouraged - but my toddler cup of tea included just about any girl troop or syrupy 60s undertone.

On this crisp, sunny Friday, you could say I had an extra hop in my step after riding into work on the high of Los Angeles' Lucy Schwartz's brand new single, "My Friend" - a tune that brings me right back to my kids-on-a-rope music days. The short, but oh-so-sweet, contemporary Shirelles-style ditty is a grown-up spin on sassy playground declarations. The "you'll never be my friend" singer balances 1990s Beck-reminiscent percussion and boardwalk piano with her girl-group harmonies - creating what just might be the edgiest little doo-wop of the fall.

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