Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hip-Hop Hump Day: Danny Brown, Pusha T, Sweatshirt & Chance The Rapper

Whenever I'm on the grind - whether because of work, social engagements or (in this week's case) moving - I require my music selections to consist primarily of good beats. Hip-hop, electro or some sort of dance-rock is normally all I can handle to keep my eyes open and feet moving when I feel like everything's a flurry of commotion and that one lazy hour will result in a ball dropped.

This week, with cardboard boxes and piles of work on my mind, my neighbours have become accustomed to my constantly blaring beats. Lucky for me (and them, I like to think), there are a few heated new hip-hop tracks that have beefed up my regular Kendrick, Wu-Tang, Tribe and Kanye-laden rotations to make it an even heavier, sharper-witted apartment set list.

Here are some ferocious new tracks that should keep you thinking and moving.

PS How good is the Nosetalgia video?




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