Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Loving Right Now: Wildcat! Wildcat!

Even though I stumble on the Los Angeles trio's name (do I shout it? Do I pause after the first 'Wildcat'?), I cannot stop listening to Wildcat! Wildcat!'s spacey dream-pop EP, which was released September 10 and evokes major memories of the MGMT infatuation I developed in early 2008. Following a similar formula as their psychedelic predecessors, Wildcat! Wildcat! don't shy away from flowery synth-rock, bright horns and universally accessible dance floor beats - all led by a charming choir of falsetto male vocals.

My (hands-down) favourite track of theirs is the EP's golden track, "Garden Grays," which features a galloping piano loop and haunting Passion Pit-style harmonies. It's one of those perfect, shoulder-swaying synth-rock songs that can be equally enjoyed with friends around a bar table, or solo on a long stroll through the downtown.


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