Friday, October 18, 2013

TGIF: Loving The Strumbellas

On Wednesday night, I was lucky to be a part of Toronto alt-country band The Strumbellas' album launch party. I'm slightly biased in my trumpeting their talent, because I know and like their management (and, as a result, the band members) very much and am therefore completely rooting for their widespread success. But, all of that aside, I genuinely believe that the music of The Strumbellas is music people need to hear. 

Taking notes from The Lumineers, Guthries and Ryan Adams - this six-person collective perform their feel-good folk with heaps of energy and cheer that are fueled by a beautiful mess of everything from tambourines and banjos to strings, keys and horns. "In This Life," the first single off their second album We Still Move on Dance Floors, is a universally contagious and uplifting alt-country anthem that's bound to stay with audiences long after the Strumbellas live experience or slew of repeat album listens. Frontman Simon Ward's handsome vocals are bettered by the harmonic support of his band's enthusiastic guy/girl choir, especially when the chorus ("I know there's something for you out there in this life") crashes in to put us at ease.

For more on the Juno-nominated band, visit their website or pick up their latest today.


And a few other gorgeous tracks:

Photo c/o Heather Pollock

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