Monday, November 25, 2013

Billy Jo and Norah: Foreverly


While I've never been overly partial to Green Day's Billy Jo Armstrong, and have at times lost track of Norah Jones' work, their recent (and unexpected) pairing to cover Everly Brothers' country classics is something I can get very on board with. Their first album together, Foreverly, is a compilation entirely comprised of songs from the Everly Brothers 1958 album Songs My Daddy Taught Me. Between Jones' famously jazzy rasp and Armstrong's boyish pipes, the harmonies come across as crisp, but soulful, throughout the collection of twangy Americana classics. Like a modern Johnny and June, the superstars' voices effortlessly sway together while the piano and guitar waltz behind them - leading initial skeptics like me to admit it sounds just fine after all.

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