Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Case You Haven't Heard: Eleanor Friedberger's "Personal Record"

Although indie-rock goddess (and former one-half of The Fiery Furnaces) Eleanor Friedberger recently stepped into the limelight with her chic Gap clothing campaign, I've been totally enthralled with her refreshing demeanor, wordplay and musicality since her solo inception a few years back. While her 70s-reminiscent enunciated vocals fall somewhere between Patti Smith's grungeless side and Joni Mitchell's spoken word - it's her clever lyricism and and diverse melodies that are so effortlessly fabulous, and worthy of a re-visit.

Friedberger's gracefulness and shockingly sub-radar songwriting aptitude have easily secured her as one of my contemporary female music obsessions. I just can't get enough. And, with this past summer's (more accessible) release, Personal Record - an album that ranges from blue-skied, groovy balladry ("Stare at the Sun" and "She's A Mirror") to the insightfully wordsmithed confessionals ("I Don't Want to Bother You", "I'll Never Be Happy Again" and "You'll Never Know Me") - her cool stock skyrocketed in my books.


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