Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last Night: Jadea Kelly Live at Hugh's Room

There are some artists that just deserve to be so much bigger than they are. While Canadian folk singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly has been picking up steam with her 2013 release Clover, she most certainly deserves to be heard much louder, and much farther, than she's already been.

The Whitby native has been making her way across Canada since the spring release of her astounding third album and landed at the intimate Hugh's Room in Toronto last night to celebrate Clover's vinyl release. Although the set was carried by Kelly's achingly sweet vocals (which pack much more punch than her small frame suggests), her precious guitar and piano melodies go hand-in-hand to complete the charming folk repertoire. Throughout her set, the live audience was completely awestruck and hushed while Jadea's effortless pipes and sweet strums washed over the dimly lit room, providing the best kind of warmth from the cold outside.

Pick up a copy of Jadea's Clover today - I can safely that this record has something for everyone.



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