Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Music: Three Neo-Soul and R&B Goodies

Torontohenge: Photos from Twitter #GTA #weather #sunset #city
After moving and nesting all weekend, I’ve spent the beginning of this week in the most glorious of slow motions – strolling home slowly from work, writing from underneath my covers, drinking hot drinks and getting full night’s sleeps. During all of this, I’ve learned exactly how dreamy my new home and neighbourhood are when explored at this pace. As I’ve mentioned one hundred times before, I’m such an advocate of the resurgence of the whole neo-soul movement; the slow-cooked, jazzy balladry that’s made its way back into the indie spotlight via talented artists like Quadron, James Blake, Blood Orange and Rhye. This week, my playlist has been loaded with glimmering soulful goodies, namely Michael Milosh’s (of Rhye) solo singles and music from Israel’s Garden City Movement and Sydney trio Movement. These sultry, barely-there tracks are exactly the recipe for winding down a good day.


(Milosh's new album is apparently all about his love for his wife -
this is her in the video. Sweet, right?)

(The original is better) 
Photo c/o The Toronto Star

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