Monday, November 11, 2013

New Music: Wise Blood's "Alarm"

As I've mentioned before, there are a few elements of a song, musical twists and instruments that always manage to tickle my fancy and secure my allegiance to a song or band. Often, you don't hear them enough - like a good whistle solo, a little xylophone or a hand clap. In the case of this groovy, infectious single from Pittsburgh artist Chris Laufman (aka Wise Blood), I was immediately hooked when I heard the kick-ass saxophone loop that punctuates the woozy electro-pop track. You just don't get enough saxophone tossed into the mix anymore, and I love a hearty sax solo.

Off Wise Blood's debut album id, which was released this past summer, "Alarm" is my new favourite bit of working background noise that I've so far had a hard time taking off repeat. I'm not yet sure if the rest of his LP would be my cup of tea, but this one's a scorcher.


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