Monday, November 18, 2013

Pretty Beats: Goldroom's "Embrace"

When asked which genre is my favourite, it's obviously fairly easy for me (or anyone who reads In The Round) to pinpoint the ones I dabble in most (hip-hop, indie-rock, neo-soul, etc.), but to be honest - I hate answering that question, because I love bits and pieces of them all. There are so few, if any, that I won't even touch.

EDM, or electronic dance music, is one that people constantly assume I'll pass on. I suppose I don't always subtly scoff at the crowds of glowstick-waving, Molly-popping kids who've encouraged mass-produced, candy EDM - sometimes bringing a once fascinating underground culture to a seemingly less meaningful (above ground) place. But, that's not all of it - and that that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the good stuff.

This disco-dance track from LA producer and DJ Goldroom is clearly far from anything resembling contemporary trance-heavy EDM hits, but it's glimmering, emotive melody are exactly what I would want to hear blared from stadium-sized speakers. In my opinion, it's the kind of accessible, contagious dance sound that brings people together. Guest singer Ariela Jacobs' delicate vocals, paired with the lasery effects, soaring synth and feel-good beat are all the right things of a lively festival or dance floor anthem - and if they commit to ditching the glowsticks and white tanks, I think the kids could get on board.


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