Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Cover & Remix Week: The Acorn vs. The Flamingos

Since it's Thursday, the day of the throwbacks, but I'm dedicated to celebrating new covers and remixes all week - I think it's best to blend the two and share a contemporary cover of an old-school jazzy classic.

The heartfelt ballad “I Only Have Eyes for You” was written in the mid-30s, before skyrocketing to soul standard fame thanks to 1950s versions from hit-makers The Flamingos and Peggy Lee. Recently, Ottawa indie-folk group The Acorn tried their hand at the oldie, spinning it into a slow-churning, melancholy ode that chugs along via downtempo strums and Rolf Klausener's lovelorn croon.

(The Cover)

(The Original)

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