Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Best 25 Songs of 2013: #16 & #15

On one of the merriest eves of the year, let's listen to two very important ends of the music spectrum: the sweet, harmonic croons of a modern-day girl group and the nasty rap of one of this year's youngest (and most influential) hip-hop artists.

#16. Sunday - Earl Sweatshirt featuring Frank Ocean:
With an all-star song credit like this one, it's hard to disagree that this single from Sweatshirt's acclaimed 2013 release, Doris, was bound for critical attention. While lyrically, the album is sometimes as much cringeworthy as it is mindblowing, "Sunday" and its ominous-turned-triumphant melody is impossible to turn off. Not only because hanging off the dribble of the 19 year-old's lethargic rhymes is easy, but because the anticipation of Ocean's cameo is palpable right before last year's breakout R&B star swings in with his simplistic declaration over that twinkling sample.

#15. Until We Get There - Lucius: 
Although undoubtedly beautiful, this single might sound (to some) like nothing to write home about. But, if you listen a little closer - to the trained harmonies of female leads Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, and the piles of instruments working together to create the whimsical melody - you'll hear just how talented and hard-working this contemporary Brooklyn girl-group is. If you're still not sold, I can guarantee you also haven't relished in Lucius' fascinating live show - one filled with the female leads' bouffant hair-dos, their explosive vocal collaborations and the backing band's ambitious instrumental experimentation. See that, and not a shred of convincing will be necessary.

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