Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best 25 Songs of 2013: #8 & #7

On a particularly celebratory day, I couldn't be more jazzed that these are the two songs I get to share. One of these, dreamed up by a budding Canadian indie duo, was undoubtedly a part of my staple soundtrack this year; I still can listen to it anytime, anywhere with a smile on. And while we're talking smiles, this other track from one of the decade's greatest rock contributors is just about the happiest thing we came across all year.

#8. What That Was - Majical Cloudz:
Majical Cloudz came out of nowhere. When I first heard "What That Was," the stunning ode to friendship that appeared on his Turn Turn Turn EP, it felt as if the Montrealer's distinctive bellow and gorgeous synth were polished enough to have been around for years. However, save for some work with Grimes and a quiet debut release, Welsh and his partner Matthew Otto flew relatively under the radar up until now. Something happened with 2013's Impersonator; the duo found their voices, and a way to tell poignant stories over some of the most emotive electro-pop out of Canada in ages.

#7. Wakin' On A Pretty Day - Kurt Vile:
With so many things, I believe that minimalism is key. While Vile's low-fi rock is rich in feeling and melody, his easygoing drone and sublimely chill chords seem like the bare minimum ingredients for feeling good. When the former War on Drugs band member and critically-acclaimed indie rocker released his fourth solo LP (and the follow-up to his doozy of a record Smoke Ring for My Halo) this year, his overall contentedness was blissfully apparent on this cathartic 10-minute package of sunny strums and easy drawls.

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