Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Throwback Thursday: Lord Huron

Although not an extremely far throwback, moving forward, this 2012 single will always be one worth mentioning at the beginning of each winter. Lord Huron's gorgeous indie-folk album Lonesome Dreams is likely the best medicine to soothe any winter blues you might be having - and will forever remain part of my gift-giving list for those who haven't heard it. A poetic folk journey alongside a wanderer who's pursuing organic love and adventure, each song revolves around travels to "the ends of the earth" (heard below) to live the fullest. With howling harmonies and rolling chords that evoke memories of Fleet Foxes' first release, Ben Schneider memorably chants, "What good is livin' this life you've been given, if all you do is stand in one place." How lovely.

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