Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Current Obsession: The Aikiu's "Fools"

The Aiku

I love myself nothing more than some 80s reminiscent new wave to liven up a dreary winter week. Enter Parisian cool kids The Aikiu - a Pulp-meets-The Cure foursome whose infectious dance-rock track "Fools" has occupied my headphones for the past few days. Featuring a soulful female sample that chimes in and out of their bouncy basslines and glitter-caked harmonies, "Fools" is easily delectable enough to reign on the mainstream charts, despite flying relatively under the radar for the past year. Off their 2013 EP Win, this throwback-sounding hit is one of those youthful, wild, head-bobbing anthems that ignites the sidelines of the dance floor with the first beat. It could be a late bloomer, but this colourful find deserves all the spotlight it can get.

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