Thursday, February 20, 2014

Band to Watch: Wet

This Brooklyn trio may only have four songs, one of which I've already posted about, but after keeping their EP on repeat this past month - I just have to share another track of theirs. Wet, a group of talented twenty-somethings who are in their industry infancy, are already making waves in the blogosphere with the self-titled EP they released in October. With such a tiny collection to their name and no major publicity yet, it's hard to know very much about this mysterious little group - other than the fact that every bit of their melodic, electronic-infused pop is totally mesmerizing.

On "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl," we're treated to frontwoman Kelly's best vocal performance yet - sounding like a seasoned R&B pro with her milky riffs and chilling delivery. Something about its soulful melancholy resembles what would have been a mid-90s hit; so, here's hoping the band picks up the recognition they deserve for this kind of balladry.

PS. Their website is I know, right.

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