Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coldplay Drops New Single 'Midnight'

We all know that Chris Martin and Hova are boys, but perhaps Coldplay's frontman took a cue from Jay's wife when he and his famed Brit-rock crew quietly dropped an unannounced new single called 'Midnight' yesterday afternoon. Well, I guess they actually released it at midnight... in Mongolia.

The significance of the uncharacteristic single is unclear - but it's safe to assume the downtempo electronic track is the first off the band's sixth release. Although most definitely not typical first listen material, the chilly electronic undertone is still an exciting tease of what's to come from the fairly patterned rock crew and their likable discography. The band has a much-anticipated showcase scheduled at SXSW in Austin coming up, which, after this leak, promises to be something interesting.

Whatever this is, I actually like it very much. Although not their typical stadium rock, the way Martin's echoey vocals dance with the song's slow pulse is something I could get used to, if done right.

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