Monday, February 10, 2014

James Vincent McMorrow's "Post-Tropical"

Being sick last week, I probably went the longest I had in a few years without listening to music. A symptom of the plague was a sore ear - so, too much noise or audio wasn't really the best idea while I was trying to heal. Once I started to come out of my sick haze, I wanted something soothing and mellow to listen to - which is why I turned to James Vincent McMorrow's newest release, Post-Tropical.

Since this album has been sent to me, I've found solace in its delicate melodies and McMorrow's soulful vibrato. McMorrow doesn't try anything flashy on Post-Tropical - although there are certainly a few epic moments - but really lets the beautiful instrumentation and his James Blake-meets-Patrick Watson soprano carry his audience song to song. Each track is beautiful in its own right - but the below two, in particular, are a few of my favourites. Often beginning like quiet dream sequences, McMorrow's songs quickly transition into more robust instrumentation (including crashing horns, cymbals and strings), which subtly pushes them into anthemic territory.

Check out the songs that coaxed me out of my music hiatus below. And, enjoy your week!

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