Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Favourite Song: Francis and the Lights' "Like A Dream"

Francis Farewell Starlite is no newbie to the music game - although, a nearly three year hiatus makes it feel like his breezy new single, "Like A Dream," might be his first. He and his pop crew have only made ripples since their inception - despite being university classmates with MGMT and dabbling in work on Drake's debut album - yet, somehow, I consider anything they've delivered to be pretty memorable. Their 2010 debut was perfectly pleasant, and from the sounds of this soul-pop ditty, their real time to shine might be just around the corner.

And, with a happy-go-lucky video like this one - featuring that impressive two-stepping stamina - might not only need the Peter Gabriel-flavoured vocals and sun-drenched melody that gets people's attentions.

The Like A Dream EP was released in November via Good Years Recordings. Enjoy!

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