Friday, February 14, 2014

TGIF: Lauryn Hill Covers The Beatles

Lauryn Hill has sure had a rough decade - but so has Cat Power and countless others - and that doesn't make me cherish them any less.

With each passing generation, we're lucky to acquire a handful of contemporary female R&B singers who quickly become iconic. While the Mary Js and Mariahs are high in my books, Lauryn's double-threat game has had me irreversibly mesmerized for as long as I can remember. Being a young Fugees fan before buying the legendary Miseducation album in '98, I remember Lauryn Hill's solo efforts being unlike anything my little ears had ever heard. A woman with more soul, fire and wit packed into her rhymes and croons than any of her competition? I was changed after hearing that album. And, I still feel just as overcome every single time I listen to it.

So, although she's had her troubles, her recent live cover of The Beatles' classic "Something" is every bit of proof she's still got it. Despite all the odds, oh man, does she still have it. If this is any sign of a real comeback, Lauryn's next decade might be even more newsworthy than the last.

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