Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best New Track: Todd Terje and Bryan Ferry Cover Robert Palmer

Happy oh-so-gorgeous Wednesday. Todd Terje, the Norwegian mainstream DJ once listed as one of the“Top 25 DJs who rule the earth,” has taken his superstardom, Bryan Ferry's voice and Robert Palmer’s “Johnny and Mary” – and whittled it all down to one hauntingly bare, and classic-sounding, synth ballad.

Palmer’s “Johnny and Mary,” although always melodically sweet, had the fixings of an 80s love song also vying for dance floor prominence. The original was hurried and quirky, and nearly 35 years later, Terje and Roxy Music icon Bryan Ferry recovered the twinkling, downtempo possibilities the song easily had upon release in 1980. A mixture of starry keyboard, that retro stone-skipping beat (most resembling Keith Forsey’s Breakfast Club love theme) and Ferry’s husky whispers bind together to instantly draw you into the astounding cover’s trance.

At nearly seven minutes long, this is one of the best, and most consuming, new spins I've heard this year.

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