Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frank Ocean, The Clash and Diplo Team Up on "Hero"

I’m just dying to get back into my perfectly worn-in pair of Converse sneakers. They’re my favourite shoes – and in summer, with my affinity for boyfriend styling, I have to be conscious of the fact that regardless of the occasion, I’ll often mindlessly walk out the door in those shoes, a leather ball cap and band t-shirt of sorts. Not always suitable.

Anyway, I was so pleased to hear that Converse’s “Three Artists, One Song” campaign assembled this rad collaboration between Frank Ocean, Diplo and Mick & Paul of The Clash – breaking down barriers of generations, genres and expectations. It really does feel like the perfect pairing with the renowned contemporary classic brand. Blending Ocean’s R&B croons with bursts of dub, a children’s choir and frantic guitar riffs, “Hero” flows back and forth between swaying doo-wop and flashy radio rock. All of it, shaken together, sounds mighty fine on an otherwise dull Thursday. Now only if it were warm enough to wear the shoes with it.

img c/o Billboard

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