Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Black Keys: "Fever"

Man, did I need this single today. With a move I'm highly unprepared for sitting at only two days away, I'm buzzing on adrenaline, living off checklists, racing all over town and needing upbeat tracks like this to keep me going.

I just love the Keys - have for years - and can't wait for their eighth album, Turn Blue, to drop on May 13. This psychedelic new track makes it hard to sit still - utilizing Dan Auerbach's always-perfect rock howl while Pat Carney's elastic arms thump on the percussion. It doesn't divert far from that classic Black Keys sound, but something about the playful single's zapping organs and less-than-bluesy composition tells me the unique twosome might have some groovy new textures up their sleeves. 

PS. One of my great blog annoyances is that their seminal album, Brothers, wasn't released right when I first launched ITR in the fall of 2010. If the album had been released six months later, or I had launched ITR six months earlier, it would have made for one rad, tone-setting first album review. I've thought about that many times before, for some reason. What a record that was.

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