Friday, April 4, 2014

Contest Alert! Tickets to Steam Whistle UNSIGNED and Gift Pack

We've made it through the week! So, let's celebrate with free things. The most important things, of course, being music and beer.

Next  Friday, April 11th, Steam Whistle will host another installment of their amazing indie music series UNSIGNED here at the Toronto Brewery’s Beer Hall. Steam Whistle - which also happens to be one of my very favourite beers - is an active supporter of independent Canadian musicians and is now in its seventh year of running their UNSIGNED concert series in an attempt to showcase worthy unsigned Canadian bands. Amazing, right? UNSIGNED alumni include Wildlife, Bravestation, The Darcys, Maylee Todd and The Balconies, to name a few.

Next Friday's show will feature indie rockers Jane’s Party, Young Guv (solo project of Ben Cook, band member of Fucked Up/Yacht Club and formerly a member of No Warning), and Blonde Elvis (fronted by Jesse James Laderoute of Unsigned Alumni Young Mother).

I had a quick chat with Blonde Elvis front man Jesse James Laderoute, who had a few interesting things to say about the series and his music:

JH: Why are you excited to participate in Steam Whistle's UNSIGNED series?

JJL: I’ve played at Steam Whistle before as part of Young Mother, and they were so generous and respectful to the bands. It's nice to feel appreciated.

JH: When you sit down to write a song, what kind of sound are you aiming for at this point in your career?

JJL: I want my songs to swagger around drunk in exultant wonder at the improbable fact that anything can exist - let alone myself, or a song, for that matter.

JH: Interesting. And what are your thoughts on the state of Canadian indie music right now?

JJL: Toronto, in particular, is finally getting some of the respect it deserves internationally. A lot of my friends' bands are doing very well, and I’m so happy for them. Ten years ago that sort of thing seemed impossible. I'm happy for Toronto, because I love my city. Vote Chow.

JH: Amen to that. What can we look forward to out of Blonde Elvis in the coming months?

JJL: We're ready to release our debut single in advance of an LP that should be finished in the next few months. And we're hoping to premiere it before the show, because why not?

JH: Exciting! Lastly, if Blonde Elvis were to cover any song, what would it be?

JJL: ‘St. Anger’ by Metallica because "f*ck it all and fuckin' no regrets." 

I'll be giving away a Steam Whistle Unsigned Gift Pack to one lucky reader - which includes a pair of tickets to the show, refreshment tickets and sweet Steam Whistle merch (bottle opener, Unsigned t-shirt and brewery tour vouchers). All you have to do is leave a comment below. Good luck!

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  1. Sounds like a party! Great Bands, Great Venue.

  2. Guy sounds like a real prick.

  3. I have to live with Jesse and therefore deserve free things.

  4. Excited for this show! That prize pack sounds tasty.

  5. Sounds fun! I wanna check this out!

  6. I'm probably late to the party, but what the hell. I'll throw my hat in the ring.

  7. i like rock parties. Am really enjoy with free think .All The Best Guys for future ............................