Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Black Keys single: "Turn Blue"

In continuing to build anticipation around their forthcoming album Turn Blue, The Black Keys dropped the second single of the same title yesterday morning - re-affirming that the new release might actually double as a contemporary take on a 1970s crime drama soundtrack. The midtempo blues track packs echoey drums and psychedelic guitar into a slow-strutting four minutes, along with other slick effects that paint a moodier, sleepless-night-kind-of picture when held against the sexier first single.

One thing's for sure: neither the upbeat or downbeat cool of either single, with their funky background bass lines, have really made it clear what the direction of Turn Blue is looking like at this point. While both tracks have separate intrigue, I'm still anxiously waiting for something that knocks me off my feet, the way the duo have managed to in past albums. Who knows though? That moment could still be buried deep in Turn Blue's song listing, which is one of the many reasons I'll be snatching it up on May 13.

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