Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paolo Nutini's Best Music Yet

I have to say, while I've always understood the appeal of Scottish singer Paolo Nutini - I've never really taken to some of his poppier past releases. That's not to say they weren't good - or that I couldn't recognize how absolutely unbelievable his young pipes were when the hit the scene seven years ago - but, I just always felt indifferent towards him.

Until now. I listened to his newest release, Caustic Love, when it first came out and nearly had the same nonchalant reaction to it - despite the fact that it is still sitting at #1 on the UK charts. But, after a few listens, and some persistent (read: forceful) repeats played for me by a friend of mine - I've been able to come around to the fact that this is certainly Nutini's most groundbreaking material yet. While some of the Caustic Love songs dabble in lighthearted pop territory, there's so much more depth than was ever gained before - specifically on songs like "Better Man," "One Day," and, most obviously, the slow-burning new classic "Iron Sky." The handsome Scot's growl - which dabbles in Curtis Mayfield or Charles Bradley territory - is explosive over the deep soul melody; one that's flawlessly fleshed out through the grit of echoing guitars and a full horn section. It's real, hard soul, and it's evidence that although he's been undeniably talented for years now - Nutini has finally arrived.

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