Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Boy & Bear, The Most Underrated Band

I took one of those stupid Buzzfeed quizzes yesterday. It was sent to me because it was supposed to determine, with 100 questions, how much of a music nerd or snob you are. I really don't consider myself one, because I don't rub music in people's faces (outside of this blog...) or provoke debate in public over asinine musical things. Sure, I love talking about music - but only in a lighthearted, anecdotal sort of way. As lame as that sounds. I really don't identify with a lot of people as interested in music as I am.

That being said, a few parts of that quiz I did check off - and all of them, in some way, apply to a band like the one above, and the songs from their under-celebrated (in North America) 2011 release, titled Moonfire. The quiz asked if I'd ever:

Forced someone to listen to something because you wanted to educate them.

✓ Acquired a copy of every single thing a band has ever released (everything).

✓ Remembered parts of your own life based mainly on what you were listening to at the time.

✓ Said “there’s nothing good on the radio.”

✓ Loaded your phone with new songs before a party or road trip, just in case?

A band like Boy & Bear garner a big ol' "hell yes" with all of these things. They're one of the most underrated bands I can think of. Sure, plenty of bands undeservedly fly under the radar - but, the thing is, Boy & Bear are actually not under the radar at all - down under in their homeland, at least. The Australian quintet, who've been around for about five years now, have scooped up every esteemed musical accolade available in their native Oz - yet, somehow, only played their first Canadian shows last month. When I saw them in Toronto, I was floored during every second of their robust live show. I mean really, really moved. There was certainly a gathering of other eager Canadian fans, seeing as their show was bumped from a smaller bar to mid-sized concert theatre, yet watching them only reminded me of how many people are oblivious to the effortless sounds penned by this folk-rock group.

Dave Hosking has probably my favourite singing voice out there today (huge statement). Their instrument-packed ballads make time slow down a little. But, I've never heard them on the radio and often have to send people a roster of their songs to acquaint them with the band I constantly rave about. I own everything they've ever released, and still find myself scouring the internet for more. I associate them with every bit of my adult life, in some way or another, and last (but not least) - I'll be taking them with me this weekend on a roadtrip with friends. So, maybe I didn't qualify as a music nerd, but when it comes to this group of handsome and talented Aussies - I will shamelessly nerd out any day. They deserve that much.

Here are two old songs from their gorgeous debut album; coming-of-age classics that will most definitely stock my iPhone this weekend:

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