Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Fleetwood Mac

You know, sometimes, when you're having a rough day - you just need a little Mac.

At just over two minutes, this is probably my favourite Fleetwood Mac song ever. And that's a hard statement to make - given the fact that classics like "The Chain," "Dreams," "Hold On," "Over My Head" and "Songbird" exist. But, "Never Going Back Again" puts me in just the right mood wherever I am - whether it's out for a jog, holed up on a rainy day or (what I'll be doing this weekend) cottaging with five of my best friends.

Like so many other Fleetwood songs, I strongly believe that almost every song from Rumours and their self-titled album would be a huge hit if released today; but, this one especially. The plucking chords of the hopeful ditty, crooned by Lindsey Buckingham (one of the biggest cuties to ever enter into music), would fit right into the booming folk-rock and Americana industry that's crept into the mainstream these past few years. Either way, at any age, this absolute classic sounds so perfect to me.

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