Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jurassic 5 Sample White Stripes on First Single in Eight Years

I am in a terrific mood today. The sun is shining, my little blog got a tiny makeover this week (the extent of my coding skills) and Jurassic 5 just released their first song in eight years. Needless to say, this day is already everything I hoped for and more.

I love J5. Like so many other people my age, the Los Angeles hip-hop crew were a huge part of my growing up and into rap music; the accessible, feel good beats occupied all of my party playlists and I was certainly guilty of teen fan-girl-ing the few times I saw them live. I can’t even tell you how excited I am that this six-piece force has resurfaced.

Even better? They came back with a little White Stripes up their sleeves – sampling the Get Behind Me Satan single “My Doorbell” (an excellent choice) on the ludicrously catchy The Way We Do It. Sounding just as uniquely J5 as they did when they blasted into the underground in 1993, the late Heavy D-produced joint is like a sugar rush from first old-school beat and piano sample. Just when you think the wordplay couldn’t get better – Jack White’s croon swings in and the song slows down for a jazzy intermission, before picking you back up into head-bobbing bliss.

Oh, and if you can tear yourself out of the zone long enough to watch the dope video – you’ll be treated to a montage of upbeat behind-the-scenes footage and performances from the hip-hop vets. 

J5 goes on tour with Dilated Peoples (!) starting in June.

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