Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Listen to Reuben and the Dark's Debut Album 'Funeral Sky'

Last night, I found myself palpitating while flipping back and forth between all of the new available album streams on CBC Music. It actually became a bit too much; the new Sharon Van Etten, Neil Young, Owen Pallett and more were taunting me from their respective sections of the website - begging to be played at the same time. Free album streams have that attention deficit effect on me.

While all of those albums deserve major listens (evidenced in yesterday's post), I had to stop and prioritize Calgary indie-folk collective Reuben and the Dark's Funeral Sky over all else. I've been picking away at what's been available from these Arts & Crafts signees for nearly a year now, and was absolutely ecstatic to see that their much-anticipated debut album was finally available in full. Considering the noise the quintet have already made, the fact that this is only their debut LP - and it's only debuting now - is kind of shocking. I feel like I've known them forever.

But, alas, now I know them better. Decorated with prose about Reuben Bullock's upbringing as the son of a preacher, Funeral Sky's anthemic folk tales are captivating. Ranging from the gritty, soulful first and second singles "Rolling Stone" and "Black Water" to romantic dedications like "Shoulderblade" and "Can't See The Light" - Reuben's crew pull you deep into their reflections by the way of their wholesome harmonies and rich instrument selection.

Quite easily still the golden track, though, is an oldie from their repertoire - the grand ballad "Bow and Arrow," which I knew would remain a longtime favourite when I heard it about six months ago. "We go over the mountain and under the stars," is the beautiful, lullaby-like chant that sways alongside the melody - standing out as one of those lyrics that, like the band itself, will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Funeral Sky is out May 27 via Arts & Crafts.

PS I'll be in British Columbia for the first time (!) next week - and something tells me the latter song will make a nice airplane anthem.

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