Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rolling Stone Names Toronto's Weaves 'Band to Watch'

No small deal here: Rolling Stone Magazine has just named Toronto's weirdest, but most awesome, new foursome their 'Band to Watch.' Weaves, fronted by the eccentrically soulful Jasmyn Burke (a crooning mix of Karen O and Santigold), have been kicking around for over a year - but with the release of their debut self-titled EP, their twisted, inhibition-free indie-rock has been quickly climbing up the ranks and into the hands of curious music critics. An RS nod is pretty clear evidence of this. 

While their wonky bass lines and growling guitars switch between playfully understated (Hulahoop) and speaker rattling (Take A Dip), the eclectic crew clearly identify with a whole mixed bag of wild sounds - something that's likely the ticket to their inevitable success. Here are a few tunes off the new EP; enjoy having your socks knocked off.

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