Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stream The Black Keys' Turn Blue

Learning that The Black Keys' hyped new album was streaming for free yesterday was one of the best ways to kick off Canadian Music Week - an amazing five days filled with new sounds and fantastic performances, immediately bettered by this album to walk with.

Thirty seconds into Turn Blue I had that awesome, relieving realization that the band have kept the album's best tracks under wraps when choosing which singles to release. I have nothing wrong with the psychedelic title track and "Fever," but I just knew there had to be more than the predictable, 70s crime drama rock grooves we've heard from the Keys' past two albums. Sure enough, "Weight of Love" reassured Pat Carney and Dan Auerbach had every intention of upping the ante with slow-burning, trippy anthems that would likely re-captivate some of their biggest critics. Paced by everything from explosive blues guitar to choir harmonies and spooky triangle, this classic-in-the-making might be the best thing I've heard out of the duo since Brothers. When I heard this track, I understood what the masterminds meant by this being a "headphones album." All I wanted were my headphones.

Oh, and the rest of the album is above par also; sure, no song could be mistaken for anyone but them, but their lack of reinvention is compensated by an eclectic offering of both big pop-rock moments and those understated soulful ditties that throw back to their earliest days.

Take a listen, while it's free and while it isn't - it's a treat either way.

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