Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Dave Matthews at Radio City

On a particularly foggy Wednesday, here's a tune that's just as perfect for the lakehouse as it is for a night strolling through the tall downtown. Recently, on my way back from a weekend in the woods (where there was plenty of DMB), we were driving back along the skyline when this song came on - reminding us not only how spectacular this live recording is, but of Dave Matthews' seemingly insurmountable talent as a songwriter. Dave Matthews has long held the same place in music - one that acts like John Butler and John Mayer have tried to measure up to - and has never lost an ounce of the poetic or melodic genius that quickly made him a generational rock icon. He's an institution. When I'm old and grey, I know my kids will jam around campfires to Dave Matthews the way that we did growing up.

This legendary live version of "Crush," accompanied by guitar great Tim Reynolds, reaches a whole other level of acoustic bliss; thanks to the effortless pairing that is Matthews' lyricism and Reynolds' fiery acoustic skills.

Have a lovely Thursday - I'm rollin' on out of town again tonight, and this album will be on repeat.

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